Do you need help with:

Learning English as a second language? 

Your apprenticeship paperwork? 

With reading, writing or maths? 

Developing your computer skills?


We are here to help. The Ashburton Learning Centre offers a range of courses to help you on your learning journey. 

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Gain a qualification with our support:

Have you often wanted to gain a qualification but lacked the basic skills to begin one? 

If this sounds like you then let us help. We can support you with basic literacy (spelling and writing) and basic numeracy (maths) skills to the stage that you could gain the NCEA Literacy and Numeracy credits Level one. This is at the old School Certificate level. 

Have you come from another country and are struggling with English?

We can help with English classes and speaking in English.

Do you struggle with computers and have not taken an online course because of that?

We offer digital support so that you can become computer friendly.

Ashburton Learning Centre can provide help with the following:

  • NCEA Literacy and Numeracy, Level one credits
  • English Support
  • Digital Literacy Support

With this support you could then take a TANZ E-Campus (online) course run by Ara Institute of Canterbury and gain a higher qualification.

All of the Certificates listed below can be studied online, in your own home and maybe free depending whether you have less than 60 NCEA Level one credits and this is your first year of tertiary study



New Zealand Certificate in Business (Introduction to Small Business) (Level 3)

New Zealand Certificate in Business (Introduction to Team Leadership) (Level 3)

New Zealand Certificate in Business (Administration and Technology) (Level 3)

New Zealand Certificate in Business (First Line Management) (Level 4)




New Zealand Certificate in Computing (Intermediate User)

New Zealand Certificate in Information Technology Essentials (Level 4)

Project Management


New Zealand Certificate in Project Management (Level 4)



New Zealand Certificate in Retail (Level 4)

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